Be a Unity Animal! on Flickr. Join our “Unity Animals!” group on Flickr, and post pictures of your Unity pet.

Please share YOUR Unity animal! Join our “Unity Animals!” group on Flickr and post pictures of your Unity pet. Once your pet’s photo is in the group, it will automatically be shared on the photo gallery in the footer of our website. Check out the beauties there now, then add yours to the group.  Here’s step-by-step instructions for adding your furry and feathered friends to the Unity Animals group.

1)      If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a Yahoo account

2)      Join our Unity Animals! group

3)      From your Flickr page, select “Upload” from the menu.

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4)      From the Uploader, choose the pet photos you want to add.  You can drag and drop or browse and upload.

5)      From the photo edit page, add information about your photos by typing over the “Add a Description” area. We’d love to know your pet’s name, breed, if s/he is a rescue and from where, and/or where s/he lives.

6)      Once you’ve finished updating the descriptions and all your pet photos are selected (you’ll see a pink band around each photo), select “Add to Groups” from the left menu. From the groups pop-up, click on Unity Animal Hospital. You’ll see a check mark if you’ve done this correctly. Select “Done.”

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7)      Select “Upload # Photos” in the upper right corner.

8)      When pop-up appears to confirm upload to public/private and group, select “Upload to Photostream.”

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9)      Then check out your beautiful beast and the rest of the Unity Animals! on Flickr and the Unity website. Don’t see your pics right away? Well, that’s because we approve all photos before they become part of the group. We want to be sure our Unity Animals are furry, feathered, and family-friendly.


Please note the group rules of Unity Animals! on Flickr:

Welcome to Unity Animals! where members and pets of Unity Animal Hospital share images of our wonderful animal companions. When posting photographs, please include your pets’ name, town, and, if you want, the rescue from which they were adopted. Only images taken by you may be posted. By posting your image(s) to the Unity Animals! Flickr Group, you give permission to Unity Animal Hospital to use your image (as is or edited) in any Unity Animal Hospital publication or other media, including, but not limited to, websites, social media, videos, newsletters, printed materials, and/or emails.